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NOTE FROM TOMMY: Beginning next week, all Who's Slamming Who programming will be moving over to PopTheCrowd.com. I know some are upset that Who's Slamming Who isn't once what it was and for that I apologize. I haven't given it the attention it deserves. But with the new website up and running, I have a new found excitement for the wrestling business again, something that I haven't had in the previous year here on Who's Slamming Who. I plan on making WSW a BIG part of PopTheCrowd.com.

I currently have up a ton of old WSW interviews from the previous years up on PopTheCrowd.com now and I plan to add more. I also plan on airing some old Jim Cornette segments on the Who's Slamming Who section of the website as well, to relive some of the greatest moments in Who's Slamming Who history.

I also plan to start recording some segments again, both talking about the current topics and also possibly some special guests. By NO MEANS is Who's Slamming Who dead. Remember, WSW is my baby and if I didn't care about it anymore, why would I move it over to the new website? I am because I know there is a huge following for WSW and now that the business has my attention again, I plan to rebuild the WSW brand.

So the move is a good thing folks. Not only can you listen to WSW now, but you can read exclusive columns from Afa The Wild Samoan, Dennis Brent, Gene Snitsky, Jody Hamilton, Vito LoGrasso, and beginning next week...Julie Hart. We also have our OWN YouTube on PopTheCrowd.com, called Rasslin' Boob Tube. So much good stuff over there. If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, please do so.

This isn't the end people, just a new beginning.

Another reason I'm happy WSW is moving from this Podomatic site to PopTheCrowd.com is due to any Internet clowns that write their smart ass comments under people's segments. For you people that hide behind your computers and talk trash- it's a slap in the face to people here on WSW that put their time and energy into providing FREE audio for you to listen to every week. By moving WSW to a professional website, I eliminate that problem.

See you over at PopTheCrowd.com


This week on INSIDE THE BEHRENS BUBBLE, Bill discusses recent TNA & WWE ratings including record ratings not seen in several years, plus he takes another look at the "new" Urban Wrestling Federation as only a confused 54 year old white guy can. Plus news on NWA Anarchy, NWA RPW & more.

Beginning next week, continue to follow Bill's weekly podcast on PopTheCrowd.com.


Evan Ginzburg is back with his latest this week on Wrestling Then & Now on Who's Slamming Who.

Beginning next week, continue to follow Evan's Wrestling Then & Now podcast on PopTheCrowd.com.


Lanny Poffo returns with another weekly edition of Poetry in Motion on Who's Slamming Who!

Beginning next week, continue to follow Lanny's weekly podcast on PopTheCrowd.com. Lanny also does a weekly "Pop of The Week" on PopTheCrowd.com as well.


The legendary Assassin returns this week on Who's Slamming Who with WRESTLE THIS!

Beginning next week, continue to follow The Assassin's WRESTLE THIS podcast on PopTheCrowd.com. Also, Jody writes a regular column called Straight Talk for PopTheCrowd.com.


GREG GAGNE joins Who's Slamming Who to talk all about the new Gagne Wrestling Academy that just opened up. Gagne will also talk about his father getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and how surprised they were, working for WWE developmental, why he no longer works for WWE, OVW, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon, tag team wrestling, CM Punk, and so much more.

(You can listen to a TON of more exclusive old WSW interviews now on PopTheCrowd.com)



Tommy Fierro's new professional wrestling website PopTheCrowd.com is now up and running. Be sure to head over now and check it out. Here is a preview of the content currently up on the website:

*WWE Hall of Famer Afa The Wild Samoan's "The Way I See It"
*Gene Snitsky's "It's Not My Fault"
*Dennis Brent's "Wrestling Wrap Up"
*Vito LoGrasso's "Code of Silence"
*Billy Silverman's "Counted Out"
*"The Assassin" Jody Hamilton's "Straight Talk"
*Lanny Poffo's Pop of The Week

There is also an exclusive column by Smith James on his training experience at Taz's Dojo called "I Survived: Inside The Team Taz Dojo".

Another special feature for PopTheCrowd.com is the GP25 (Gorilla Position) where random names in the wrestling business are asked a question and they provide an answer. The question is "What is your favorite WrestleMania moment" and giving their responses are: Velvet McIntyre, Big Sal E. Graziano, Simon Dean, Dusty Wolfe, Allan Funk, The Blue Meanie, Paul Bearer, HeadShrinker Samu, Keith Elliot Greenberg, Bobby Fish, Kevin Keenan, Eric Escobar, Mike Quackenbush, John Cena Sr., Julie Hart, Kevin Kelly, Eugene, Lanny Poffo, HC Loc, Ace Darling, and Bill Behrens.

The Rasslin' Boob Tube is another unique feature on PopTheCrowd.com where you can watch ton of random matches and talk show appearances.

The Gimmick Table is another exclusive feature featuring nearly 150 pictures of old random wrestling merchandise from back in the day.
Plus all the latest news in the world of professional wrestling, exclusive audio interviews, and much more!

Head over now to PopTheCrowd.com and check it all out!


Johnny Gargano joins Rich Baker this week on For The Love of Wrestling!


Lanny Poffo returns with Poetry in Motion this week on Who's Slamming Who!


The week on INSIDE THE BEHRENS BUBBLE, Bill discusses recent ratings and ratings trend for TNA iMPACT & WWE Raw & Smackdown, plus recent gate figures for TNA & ROH, and news from NWA Anarchy & NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling.


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